Thursday, June 12, 2014

Eau en Couleurs International Watercolour Biennial

I just received word that two of my paintings have been accepted into the Eau en Couleurs International Watercolour Biennial!  This international Biennial is held in Belgium.  The show will run from August 15, 2014-September 7, 2014 and will be exhibited at the Castle of Bourgogne located in Estaimbourg, Belgium!  I am thrilled to be included with some of the top watercolor artists in the world.  The link to their website is:

Here are some photos I found of the castle and here are the pieces that they chose to be included in the show.  This is very special to me as I am part Belgian!  Both of my grandparents, Jules & Erma VanRompaey on my Mom's side came over to live in the states way back in the beginning of the 20th century.  I probably have a few relatives over there that I have never met.

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Donna said...

What a thrill exhibiting in your Mother country. I hope you can go and see your painting hanging in a castle! Congratulations.