Tuesday, July 1, 2008


This is a latest and newest painting to my mask series. Pierrot is the name of this mask as it depicts a character that is known for being sadly in love but his love is not returned. Pierrot is also known for being naive and taken advantage of by being constantly deceived. That is why he has such a sad face as if to be crying.

I was attracted to the whiteness of the face and the black accents. I placed the mask on top of a draped very colorful, translucent scarf which emphasized the stark whiteness of the mask. In the background there are fine grey horizontal lines with a vertical stripe on the right side of an interlocking chain pattern design. The mask is definitely based on a french character and once again I like to give the mask some depth and feeling. This one also, I believe, has an oriental feeling of design. It is just the way it evolved.