Thursday, May 21, 2009

Latest WIP

I am working on a "going green" painting. This is just the start of a rather large watercolor. The flower is a Hydranga. Just starting and documenting as I go.

The American Museum of Natural History

On my trip to NYC, I met up with an artist friend that works as a staff artist at The American Museum of Natural History. I got a behind the scenes tour at the museum of where the exhibits and dioramas are worked on. All extremely interesting. What was an interesting connection was how similar materials are used in the creation of show cars for the auto industry. Animals are carved out of dense foam, clay armatures are created and fiberglass molds are used. There is an area where airbrushing is used and areas of casting certain parts.

Check out my link to Joi Bittle-Knights website to see some of her extraordinary work.