Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Painting a Picture of Mom

Ok, This is so not easy.  It is not suppose to be.  My Mom past away last Sunday evening at the age of 96. A good long life this is true.  And when you think that she was born in the year of 1915,how monumental can it be to have experienced and seen all that she has seen in the changes to the world up to 2012.  This new age was not neccessarily to her liking not so much because of all the technology which senior citizens have a problem with but more to the change in people.  She was part of a golden generation in which it was common to make friends easily with neighbors, co-workers, and to be understanding and concerned about each other's problems and to try to help out.  That generation knew the importance of having each other's backs.  She was beginning to see a lack of that in the new and upcoming generations simply because now it is possible to communicate without coming face to face so how can you truly develop the deep emotional bonds with others.  She knew something about communicating.  In fact, I would call her an expert as everyone close to her knew.  And she had something to say.  She kept up with current affairs, politics, and was an avid reader.  Albeit, it was mostly romance novels which could transport her to another world while not leaving her apartment.  And being the  home body that she was, that was just fine with her.

Her company was enjoyed by many because of her lively sense of humor something that her children benefited from and learned to develop at an early age.  She encouraged it!  She worked up to the age of 80 and her "boys" that she worked with were very important to her as they enjoyed her as well.  Quite a statement for a company that was willing to keep an 80 year on their payroll.

She drove her 1990 Ford Escort up to the age of 93.  It only had 35,000 on it.  She missed that car when she recently had to give it up.

The most spectacular aspect that has left us all amazed was her mental agility even up to her last days.  She was smart even though she would never label her self as being smart with finances, paperwork or math, but her street smarts were right on.  Her ability to size up people was remarkable and 9 times out of 10 she was right on.  I depended on her wisdom more times than I care to say.

I guess I am on my own now to fend for myself.  But I have been trained well and the beneficiary of a very wise woman.  She was an exception to the rule.  I love you Mom and I will miss  you till the end of my days.  With love Paula.