Sunday, October 26, 2014

New Painting Not Revealed!

I have decided to not reveal the full image of the painting just yet!  Why?  Well I don't want to show it probably until sometime next year because I would like to save it for entry into a major show.  This is a tease I know. All I can say it that it is another one of my "Venetian Mask" themes that I love to do.  The masks are my favorite subject.  This will be my fourth painting.  Between visits to France and Italy, I have gathered up fabrics, papers, and objects of all kinds that I use in my paintings.  Love the patterns and the colors.  Not to mention the cuisine of both countries!  The size of this painting is "22x30" done on Cheap Joe's Kilimanjaro watercolor paper which I happen to use quite frequently now.  I will show the complete painting in due time.  Or maybe I will cave and post it anyway.  I like to get feedback from other artists which is always interesting and informative.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

67th Michigan Watercolor Society

 The 67th Michigan Watercolor Society had its opening reception on Saturday June 7, 2014.  Paul Jackson was the juror for this show and it was held at the Flint Arts Council.  This was my first time meeting Paul Jackson who I have admired for many years.  My painting was selected to be included in the traveling show!  From here it will be in display in Charlevoix, MI  at the Charlevoix Circle of the Arts.  From there it will travel to Lowell, MI and be displayed at Lowell Arts.  The last place in Michigan will be in Port Huron at Studio 1219.  

I am thrilled that my painting will be doing some traveling this year!
Schedules of the exact dates can be found on the Michigan Watercolor Society web page or at the above galleries.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Accepted into Michigan Watercolor Society Show 2014!

My painting "Pearl River Mart" has been accepted into the 2014 Michigan Watercolor Society show!  This painting was inspired by a trip to NYC and entering into a SoHo Asian market called "Pearl River Mart".  It is located on Broadway.  I loved the colors, rich textures and patterns of everything Asian in this store.  Paper dragons hang from the ceilings along with bamboo bird cages and paper lanterns.  The show runs from June 7-July 3, 2014.

Pearl River Mart

Sunday, March 9, 2014

5th Arr.

5th Arr.

When traveling through France last year, I am continuing my series of paintings from that experience.  This is one from the city of Paris!  Found this interesting Parisian street art when wandering into the Rue de la Huchette area located in the 5th Arrondissement; hence the title of the painting 5th Arr or 5th Arrondissement.

The texture and shadows and the challenge of getting the graffiti to look spray painted in watercolor I thought would be an intriguing study and lesson.  No that is not me looking on!  A passer-by taking time to stop and look.

Discovered some new technique in texture. Might take a second look to make some additions yet but thought I would see if  I receive any feedback or reaction from this painting inspired by the streets of Paris.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Lot Gourmand-Finished Painting

So here is the finished painting.

Lot Gourmand

Here is another painting in my series from France.  I am showing how it was developed.  The area of "Lot" is the name of the region where the Village of Sarlat is located.  This was a merchant selling local delicacies.  Next door to his stand is a shop selling bolts of material.  I thought it made for an interesting painting showing the typical scenes of the village.

Overhead was a canvas canopy which put him in a shade of yellow ochre.  So I laid down a wash of yellow ochre over the areas that where shaded by the canopy.  The whites I kept for the bright sunlight that cast light on some of the objects.  As you can see, I went on to develop the burnt sienna shades of the wood sign and table.  Then I went on to develop other areas in this sequence.