Sunday, January 19, 2014

Lot Gourmand-Finished Painting

So here is the finished painting.

Lot Gourmand

Here is another painting in my series from France.  I am showing how it was developed.  The area of "Lot" is the name of the region where the Village of Sarlat is located.  This was a merchant selling local delicacies.  Next door to his stand is a shop selling bolts of material.  I thought it made for an interesting painting showing the typical scenes of the village.

Overhead was a canvas canopy which put him in a shade of yellow ochre.  So I laid down a wash of yellow ochre over the areas that where shaded by the canopy.  The whites I kept for the bright sunlight that cast light on some of the objects.  As you can see, I went on to develop the burnt sienna shades of the wood sign and table.  Then I went on to develop other areas in this sequence.