Friday, July 22, 2011


Well I just crossed the 10,000 mark of how many views there have been to my blog! I thank all the avid watercolor artists out there interested in the medium and curious to see someone else's approach. I believe a lot of the exposure was due to being on the cover of International Artist Magazine along with my crazy cousins who have discovered an artist in the family. LOL to all the cousins! I love that they have taken such an active interest in my art. But beside all that, I truly feel that with the onset of the internet and how we are able to network globally, has given us the opportunity to learn and enhance the quality of our individual artwork.

I have been taking a brief break this summer and recharging the creative batteries and I will soon be back putting my various ideas to paint. I can only hope to keep this all alive and interesting as I have found the blogs and websites of my followers to be equally as interesting.

To all my international followers and people that have sent me emails from other countries and locally, I thank you for your compliments and it has been exciting to be discovered overseas.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Michigan Watercolor Society 2011

Here are the photos from the 2011 Michigan Watercolor Society Show. The painting shown above the logo for MWS is the painting that took the highest award. All in all, it was an interesting show highlighting the talent in the State of Michigan. I have had people ask me how large My "Going Green" painting is. With me standing beside it, now the proportions can clearly be seen.

There was a good showing opening night with about 200 to 300 in attendance. I'd like to personally thank my cousin Linda and her husband Tony for coming in from Ann Arbor to lend support and interest. Also long time friend, Dale, who spiffed himself up to mingle with the art crowd in Birmingham.

Also thanks to Jerry Bowman. Glad to have met you and talked with you for such a long time. Your watercolors are awesome.