Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Perigord Truffles

I am starting to create some paintings from my travels to the South West corner of France known as the Quercy Region. I am experimenting to get the texture on the old stone wall buildings found in almost all of the quaint, medieval villages in this region.  This is a scene from the town of Sarlat.  They are known for their truffles and foie gras.  This is just one of many shops along the way that sell the truffles.   I love the old stone buildings.  You have to be there to appreciate how the town looks and feels to a new visitor.

I hope to create at least 3 more in this same size format as I have the perfect subject matter for this series.  I have to do some artwork from this trip.  It was too special and unforgettable to not put into watercolor.