Wednesday, August 22, 2018

News Alert: Received signature status with the National Watercolor Society!

Yes, it happened yesterday with a call from Penny Hill. This has been my year for inclusion as a signature member in two prestigious watercolor societies. It is quite an accomplishment and sounds like it came so easily.  It did not. It might have come faster if I had participated more but let's face it, to get involved takes a not only a time commitment but also a financial one. Paying dues, exhibition fees to just send an image in for consideration for a show, shipping, crating, framing and travel fees if you go to see the exhibition can all add up. Hence, the cost of a painting. But the experience of it all is well worth it. When you do not get accepted or it takes awhile to acquire signature membership, it should just make one more determined to develop your painting skills and save up because when going to these shows, you get to meet some very special people. And it is a great accomplishment to have arrived to this status.