Sunday, October 26, 2014

New Painting Not Revealed!

I have decided to not reveal the full image of the painting just yet!  Why?  Well I don't want to show it probably until sometime next year because I would like to save it for entry into a major show.  This is a tease I know. All I can say it that it is another one of my "Venetian Mask" themes that I love to do.  The masks are my favorite subject.  This will be my fourth painting.  Between visits to France and Italy, I have gathered up fabrics, papers, and objects of all kinds that I use in my paintings.  Love the patterns and the colors.  Not to mention the cuisine of both countries!  The size of this painting is "22x30" done on Cheap Joe's Kilimanjaro watercolor paper which I happen to use quite frequently now.  I will show the complete painting in due time.  Or maybe I will cave and post it anyway.  I like to get feedback from other artists which is always interesting and informative.