Friday, February 15, 2019

Fabriano USA

I have received this information from Laurin McCracken regarding the show coming up in a couple of months in Fabriano, Italy......

Fabriano USA 2019 Artists,

Ken and Frank are reporting that all of your paintings are on the way to Fabriano. Bravo!

I have attached a PDF with all of the USA paintings on 4 pages. After you have a moment to look it over, I think you will agree that the USA is well represented with this body of work. I congratulate you for sending excellent examples of what the USA watercolor community can create. 

I am confident that, once again, the USA exhibition will be considered "Best of Show." I know for sure that the artists that will be attending Fabriano in Acquarello will make the USA exhibition a "must see" stop in Fabriano.

Keep you fingers crossed that our paintings sail smoothly through the bureaucracy between here and there.

Be proud of your contribution to this important exhibition. Share this document with others.

All the best,


Here are the paintings representing team USA.


Donna Thibodeau said...

Congratulations. You are keeping some good company. Thanks for sharing your painting.

Paula said...

Thanks Donna! And thanks for posting comments on my blog! Gives me good feedback.