Monday, October 26, 2020

Portraits of Children

I was asked recently to do watercolors of a client's grandchildren. I don't normally do portraits but I considered it a challenge and decided to take a crack at it. This is my result. The client is happy and excited to give them to the parents. this is a snap shot in time. There are baby teeth and one is losing them. Children's skin is very smooth and fresh and young of course and interesting to paint. I have never met the children only was given photos of them. I believe that I captured their essence according to the grandmother.  That's all that matters. I mixed various strengths of yellow ochre and alizarin crimson for basic skin tone. I started to render the eyes first as my anchor to the whole face. I found the mouths to be challenging to get just right. I think that now, after doing this first set, I will be more at ease to do more if asked.

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