Friday, April 9, 2010

Discover & Download

"Discover & Download" is finished! Accept for a few "twikings" here and there. This painting shows a snapshot in time back to 2007 to Times Square in New York City. This was the year that I won the Gold Metal from the American Watercolor Society. Many photos were taken of the city at that time. What drew me to this one was the abstract design. Each window which shows reflections of the city or the times we live in had a contained abstract design which made a whole composition of abstraction. I wanted to show the energy of the city in this painting.

For the most part, it is finished but I might just make a few small, subtle changes.


jane minter said...

.... fantastic painting paula so many pictures within a picture i like the gentle perspective which leads the eye upwards .

Priti said...

Well done and love the idea!! I have been to NY so often and looked at the same billboards but never thought of painting them.

DagEnDauw said...

Original composition.