Sunday, July 29, 2012

New Painting

Have a new painting to add to collection.  This one entitled "Blue Bowl", is from a still life that I put together some time ago.  It is 23x30 done on Kilamanjaro watercolor paper from Cheap Joe's Artist Supply.  When I had won the Gold Medal back in 2007, Joe whom I had met at the reception for the AWS Awards Ceremony had sent me some watercolor supplies.  In the packet that I received, which I was thrilled to get, were different grades of Kilamanjaro Watercolor paper which is Cheap Joe's signature brand.  I have to say that I really like it!   It gives some surprising textural qualities. What attracted me to doing this subject was the color in the cloth and the text printed on it.  It added to an interesting composition. Lighting, to me, is everything and the shadows created by the whisk and the folds in the cloth added to a unique design.  I'll put a link to Cheap Joe's under interesting websites on my blog.


christiane fortin said...

Paula bravo! your painting is stunning. The colors are so vibrant and clear. I bet you enjoyed each and every minute spent on this one. Thank you for sharing the information about the paper I should give it a try some day.

Sadeu said...

very good paintings, Paula : )