Sunday, August 3, 2008

New Painting

Here is a new painting of a scene that I saw in the old town part of Nice, France. It was early morning actually on a Saturday when the outdoor markets are open. The light and the colors in Nice are out of this world and I can see why artists take up residence in the south of France. Painting is representational but very abstract. A study in linear elements. The striped pattern reflected Nice itself with the open air markets and canopys.

The shop to the left holds the memory of me going in there and walking out with a french L' Toile quilt that I could not resist. The price was too good to be true but as I found out later it cost me a fortune to have it shipped back home. I did not want to carry this on the plane with me what with all the searches and scans you have to go through. But it was worth it because of the memories. My friend, who offered to carry this for me for the rest of day, could not believe that I bought a bedspread to begin with.

Painting remains unnamed at the moment.

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