Sunday, August 17, 2008

New York City-Art Trip

I have been meaning to write about my recent trip to New York which took place at the end of June. Posted down below are some pictures taken which I am sharing for a time. The trip was especially interesting for me as I got to meet some living, breathing, and working artist living in the city. I visited the studio of Greg Kwiatek, and of Gene Binder who owns a gallery in Marfa, Texas. I also met with some exceptionally good artists living in Long Island City. Hi to Nick and Joi.

I traveled with a special friend, an art collector, a supporter of the arts who made it possible to put into contact with these people. Every step of the way on this art path has lead to some very interesting times and experiences and people as I am now continuing to grow and change.

In my interesting links column there is a live webcam from Greenwich Village. Live from the Big Apple

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