Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Study in Glass

Here is "Glass Study 2". The second in my intended series on glass. These objects were placed on a mirror so as to achieve a lot of reflections. The material that is swirling around the glass objects was a gauzy, unique scarf purchased while in New York at one of the top museums there. I find that the museum stores carry some very interesting scarfs with interesting and different patterns that I use in a lot of my watercolors. In this case, it has added an abstract background.

I like using light to achieve different feelings and effects. I believe now that after many years of painting with my favorite medium of watercolor that I am starting to achieve just that.


Mike said...

Hmmmmm! Looks like Pino Grigio to me! ;-)

I can see why you like Paul Jackson's work. For what you are doing, his still lifes would be most instructive, I am sure!

Great stuff, Paula!

Anonymous said...

I am believing that it is this one!!!

Amazing work as always Paula!!

Paula said...

I would like to know who Anonymous is. I would find it most interesting.