Saturday, March 7, 2009

Accepted into TWSA

Just heard word last week that my painting Reflections 1 will be part of the Transparent Watercolor Society of America show for 2009! TWSA has strict regulations when it comes to paint materials and technique. Such as, this show is strictly for artists who work in transparent watercolors only. No opaque, no acrylic, strictly transparency. I really favor this idea because when it comes to "watercolor societies", it was my impression (before I became involved) that that was what they were all about. For most of the others, you can use acrylic, tempera, casein or a mix of several just as long as the paint base can be diluted with water. And you can also use yupo paper or canvas panels made for watercolor along with of course watercolor paper. But to me, if you are going to do something on canvas to have it look like an oil painting, why do you want a watercolor to look like a transparent oil painting?

I am a purist. All my paintings have been done with transparent watercolor. That is what I like about watercolor. For this society in particular, even painting somewhat opaquely will not be accepted. My painting is simple, but it does show the transparency of the medium and I believe that is why it was chosen.

The show is going to be held at the Kenosha Public Museum in Kenosha, Wisconsin. The opening is June 6, 2009. Judy Morris, who in my book. is one of the best watercolor artist around has been included in the 2008 edition of "Who's Who of American Women"," Who's Who in the World 2000", and" Who's Who in the recent addition of Who's Who in America". Wow! That is a lot of Who's Who!


ShaunaF said...

Hi Paula,
I'm your newest fan and related to you in some way (cousins twice removed maybe?). My grandfather was Ted Fiebich. My mom is Karen Fiebich Marquardt Pressler. I'm Shauna Marquardt Forkenbrock. (whew, thats a mouthful)

Your work is astonishing. Thanks so much for posting the Sentinels as a work in progress. It's so amazing to see it come together.

I am a creative person--in the realm of advertising/layout/graphic design. My daughter is studying Fashion Design at Otis in LA. There definitely is an artistic gene!

I'll be following your posts with great interest.

Take care,

Carrie H. said...

Congrats to you for getting into the transparent show. Did you know they have posted all the accepted entries on the society's website? You can see all your competition!