Saturday, September 29, 2007


Here is my latest painting "Afterglow". Now a lot of people that have looked at this love it but have to look deeper into the painting to see what is really going on. Everybody wants me to do another painting just like Venetian Gold, I feel a need to mix it up a bit. The goblet in the center is a piece of murano glass from Italy, the scarf is from Florence (once again) and the bottle of liquer is from France. (See here is a mix of my French and Italian themes again.) Some say it is so feminine and I say yes it is, is that a problem. What I tried to capture was a sense of flowing movement. The painting is 23x30. Upon studying it, observers begin to see what I saw while painting it. I wanted it to "glow".

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Debbie said...

Love it!! I believe not only your heart but something much deeper really went into this piece of work!
Thank you for sharing with me!!!