Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The start of something big

Or so I wish or hope for. Who knows where life can lead. Today I am creating my first blog all to do with art, watercolor in particular, my personal artwork and my love of anything Italian or French. These are all of my most favorite things in life and when I can combine them.....well you will see for yourself. Did I mention cooking, recipes and food also? Or fine wines? I think this all goes hand in hand with a love of creating something wonderful. I have been to Italy twice and the South of France once, but have been creating works of art many times over. I have also sampled my share of wines and enjoyed good recipes countless times. I hope that my blog will be enjoyed by those who like art, travel and cooking all in combination with each other. So let's get going....

Today, I am home working on another watercolor painting hopefully with the idea of submitting it to one of the national or international watercolor societies here in the USA. I am recently the recipient of the American Watercolor Society 2007 Gold Metal of Honor. Yes, this is true that is why this is the start of something big. But how can I out do myself now? Not all of my paintings can possibly be Gold Metal winners can they? This was my first time entering a painting into AWS and that alone is very difficult to get accepted into, and on my first try, I walk away with the Gold Metal. Now what? Talk about pressure. But I am not going to let that stand in the way of me creating paintings that are maybe just honorable mentions. The creative process has its good days and cosi cosi days and I accept that. But everyone around me has suddenly become an expert on telling me what to paint next. I wonder if Monet ran into this when he started getting noticed. And if he did, I would imagine he told them where to get off, just like I am learning to do.

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