Saturday, September 29, 2007

"Made in Italy"

Bon Giorno! Guess what these are? They are glass "candies" made in Italy. I picked them up from the island of Burano near Venice. They sell these all over Italy. All are very colorful and made to look like the real thing. This painting made it into the 2005 National Watercolor show whichs take place on the West Coast usually in a suburb of LA. This is quite different than my Venetian Gold. I used several different colors and displayed them all on a murano glass plate. Looking back, I see a lot that I could of added to the painting but choose instead to go with the white plain background. I like the fact that with all of these paintings, the objects that I have collected bring back good memories of where I was and what the day was like. Burano is a fishing village where all the houses are painted different bright colors. This is also an island where they make hand-made lace. I would recommend anyone to visit if you ever go to Venice.

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